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  • In a public address system, when there is a sudden surge of a very high level input signal, this signal can overload the amplifier input creating a highly distorted output which can cause damage to the Speakers/Driver Units. Such situations may frequently occur in PLACES OF WORSHIP. A Microphone Compressor limits the high level input signal so that only an undistorted signal is fed to the amplifier input. Using a microphone compressor can therefore reduce the risk of speaker failure which occurs due to extraordinarily high level input signals & distortion.
  • Ahuja Mic Compressor MC-110 is specially designed to let the sound input signal pass as it is from the microphone to the amplifier, but compress the dynamic range when it encounters a very high level input signal.
  • It is simple to use, with no adjustments required by the user. 
  • Very high level signals from a microphone are compressed in order to reduce the possibility of damage to the speakers and normal level sound signals are passed through as it is.
  • Wide Frequency Response and Low Distortion to enable use of best quality microphones.
  • Very simple to use. No customer adjustments required.
  • Compressor parameters like threshold, compression ratio, attack time and release time are preset for optimum results without affecting normal sound level or sound quality.
  • Ideal for places of worship where very loud speech occurs at certain moments.
  • Operates from 9V battery, or on an AC Mains adapter (supplied with the set).
  • Automatic Bypass Facility. Even if the Mic Compressor is ON, it will be automatically bypassed if the power supply fails. As a result, if electricity fails in a public address installation which has battery backup for the amplifier but is relying on AC adapter for running the Mic Compressor, then the program can continue uninterrupted without any manual intervention (with the mic compression feature automatically bypassed). 
  • Low Battery LED: This LED will flicker when the power supply voltage is low. If battery is being used, this indicates that the battery needs to be changed.
  • On/ Off Switch. This enables the Mic Compressor to be manually switched off when not required.



 Frequency Response
50Hz - 20kHz
 Power Supply
DC 9V Battery or external 9V DC Adaptor
W76 × H36 × D160 mm


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